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Masturbasi, healthful Sex Summary

MASTURBASI a color story in the life of someone sexually. Many members masturbasi around, but how the actual facts?

Masturbasi topic for discussion is the most widely debated. Since many centuries ago, masturbasi regarded as the less good.

In the environment of our society, masturbasi is still taboo. Confidence or even some religious claims masturbasi is sinful. Many teenagers who do are often frustrating and ultimately masturbasi covered guilt.

However, the only religion that does not look hard act masturbasi. Many have stories about the frightening masturbasi which is usually expressed by senior members of the family. Fear-fear that was delivered, as many grow hair on the hand, blind, suffering ereksi permanent (if the perpetrators son), mad, and so forth.

Really so? Next masturbasi from the actual facts, such as be Health24.

– Do not believe the stories about the frightening masturbasi. You will not be blind, mad, stained, or contagious diseases if the sexual conduct masturbasi. You also will not be pregnant or not pregnant (sterile). Masturbasi not the evil, dirty, and ghoulish.
– Masturbasi is perfectly normal and healthy development of a child sexual men and women.
– Masturbasi is personal, so do not do it in public places or around people.
– Masturbasi able to ease stress and release endorphins (hormone joy) in the body so that you make rileks.
– One thing is good from masturbasi relieve themselves in sexual matters without harm, as in the sex in real life, such as a pregnancy that is not expected or is exposed to sexually transmitted diseases.
– Between masturbasi do or not, both things are normal. Do not be afraid if you do and do not worry if you do not do this.
– Masturbasi is a good way to explore things that you are senangi sexual. For this reason, masturbasi sometimes make sexual relationship with the pair later legal akan easier.
– Down-rise in the hormone the body makes masturbasi favored by most teenagers. Masturbasi reduce the sexual tension so that teenagers will not do the opposite sex without any type of a bond.
– Sometimes, feeling guilty after masturbasi cause pelakukunya didera psychological pressure. In fact, this problem may only occur if he do masturbasi in the public area and not menggubris rules of right of privacy.

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  1. holilblogs
    April 24, 2009 at 2:58 pm

    mantap x ya cwenya..

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