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Hello world!

November 19, 2009 1 comment

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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During the struggle the Week

June 5, 2009 1 comment

The withdrawal food to eat, have sex with a well organized menu balanced. The goal is nothing more that both of your sex life more healthy.

Start menu weekly sex with sincerity and enthusiastic attitude. Say how the pair you are to.

Make it your motto to the menu in every weekend. This will be sexcellent 7 days …!

Next struggle interesting menu choices, such as Cosmopolitan dilansir.

The first day: pillow position

Bank one or two pillows under your back when you are both middle style missionary. With this position, the pair will be easy to enter your genital area with more in the corner. You will enjoy a more intense orgasme.

Day two: kucuran under the shower

Kucuran make under the shower is a intimasi and experience section. When he is grind sekujur soap to the body, go to the bathroom secretly. Continue your more hot action.

Day three: a first half bugil

Not a secret anymore if inflammable with men such as visual images and erotic movements. You can menunjukkannya action bugil half when he was around.

Try menggodanya with the only wear panties and bra while you polish teeth, fold towels, and other activities. Guaranteed, he will not turn your face from the body that looks more sexy.

Day four: take advantage of the attributes

Save your high-heeled shoes to be used as attributes make. Attributes of this will make both your legs look more levels and sections, and make them look forward soon convulse the body.

Day five: prankish message

In the mid-day, send a message containing a pair of words prankish. Its challenge to mengajaknya off this wild night. Try to submit any posts, “Do not work too hard until late at night … you will need a lot of energy for later in the bed!”

Day six: a standing position

Tricks that you can lancarkan is standing position. Sandarkan your body on the wall while the pair are in the front of your body.

Lift your right foot to the waist while he was paired knee slightly bend right leg. Left hand pair sustain your right thigh, while the right hand to move freely, between shoulders, neck, and genital area.

While you can put both hands on his neck so that the lips can be more melumat maximum. If your body be regarded tiny and he strong enough, ask him to lift your body slightly.

Seventh day: go slow

At the end of this weekend, you have more time to make. You can act with security style, but more to do with the slow speed.

You and your partner will have the time to really bound, and the more intimate. You will feel the sensation longer, you are also orgasme akan more extraordinary

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Healthy Body, Great Sex

HEALTH essential for life and sex. Without it, they will not exist. What do you do or not do to your heart, mind, body and impact on sexual health.

Make is part of a lifestyle that enriches the experience in the bedroom every day. If you find it difficult to have sex for as low Libido, stamina nge-drop, or Erectile Dysfunction, you must do something.

Implementing healthy lifestyle will change the thrust sex life, make you more healthy, and happier. If the happy couple, you will also feel the same. Once the information is released Askmen.

Sports for the supply of oxygen

Body to receive what is given him. When is the last time you prefer running or climbing stairs instead of lift?

Your heart to pump blood throughout the body beroksigen. So that it works more optimally, you need to sport regularly, at least three times a week each of 30 minutes. Sports maximize the working heart, pumping blood, and increase blood circulation. Kardiovaskular the good work needed to improve stamina and performance while in bed.

Another benefit is how the self and self-esteem is better. Women are very interested in men who have enough self confidence, at least, ensure you are not confused on how to act before him.

Menajamkan mind

The mind also needs a sport. Latih mind as you train your body. Puzzle, sudoku, games and various other brain hone your invites menajamkan mind. This game can be utilized to prepare for receiving the challenge, because sex include mental and physical.

Indirectly, the game is profitable on the brevity and focus your mind when you act in bed. With the focus on mind, you can ereksi sustain and strengthen ejakulasi, so that it can control the explosion orgasme pair, which may occur more than once. If you lose your focus, you can lose control so that it only survived a brief tussle.

With games, the mind is so creative, so you will not make the repetition of boring sex action.

Set meal pattern

Talk sexual activity, can not be separated from the food. Food with a large portion can make you lazy to make possible the life of sex with the pair. Maintain health with what types of food consumed.

Eating is a way to easily meet the body’s nutritional needs. If you have a tendency of excessive eating, eat slowly. It is a good idea to drink before the meal to “queer” body that you have satisfied few. Avoid fatty foods and eating in large portions because it makes the body tired quickly.

Sugar gives you energy, but also make the body weak and quickly. Alcohol and caffeine have similar effects, ie, make it difficult to maintain your ereksi, ejakulasi, and loss of sexual passion, if you drink too much. Also decrease the fertility rate up to half.

Daily dose of calcium and vitamin D can improve male fertility, and maintaining adequate zinc akan hormone testosteron and cement still good.

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Penyebab Istri Gagal Orgasme

November 18, 2008 Leave a comment

Ada beberapa faktor yang dapat membuat seorang istri tidak dapat mencapai orgasme. Pertama, komunikasi seksual yang kurang baik. Kedua, hambatan psikis.

Ketiga, posisi hubungan seksual yang tidak efektif bagi perempuan. Keempat, fungsi seksual pasangan mungkin tidak optimal, khususnya fungsi ereksi dan kontrol ejakulasi. Kalau ada salah satu atau lebih faktor di atas, istri mengalami hambatan orgasme.

Kalau sebelum menikah, pasangan tidak cukup mengenal satu sama lain, mungkin saja komunikasi kurang baik, khususnya komunikasi seksual. Selain itu, hambatan psikis mungkin juga muncul lalu menghambat reaksi seksual istri, sehingga gagal mencapai orgasme. Untuk mengatasi hambatan orgasme, penyebab yang ada harus diatasi dulu.

Meski demikian, tidak ada hubungan antara tidak dapat mencapai orgasme dengan belum terjadi kehamilan. Artinya, kehamilan dapat saja terjadi walaupun istri tidak dapat mencapai orgasme.

Namun, membiarkan istri tetap tidak dapat mencapai orgasme, bukanlah sikap yang benar. Suami, harus membantu agar istri juga dapat mencapai orgasme, sehingga kehidupan seksual menjadi harmonis, apalagi kalau penyebabnya terletak di pihak lelaki.

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Sex Toy Materials

Sex toys come in a diverse variety of materials and with so much to choose from, it may be overwhelming if you’re still learning. Knowing what to look for will improve your toy experience by leaps and bounds. Learn about the pros and cons of each type of material so that you can choose sex toys that best suit your needs.


Silicone toys are usually high quality, durable and shareable – but you do have to fork out some extra money for these highly sought features. This type of material is ultra popular for a number of other reasons. Silicone toys are smooth, soft and non-porous. They can reach and maintain body temperature that makes for a realistic and comfortable sexual experience. Being non-porous is ideal for a toy that can be shared between partners.

Silicone also allows for easy clean up: it can be washed with soap and water or sterilized in boiling water. You can even run it through a dishwasher cycle (with the exception of silicone vibrators with electronic components inside). Silicone is a soft, yet strong, material that can have a very long life span if it’s taken care of. Silicone is ideal material to consider because it is hypoallergenic, non toxic and easiest to sterilize – that’s why it’s used in a wide range of toys.


Firmer than silicone, rubber toys are popular because of their lower cost and versatility. They have the one-up on their jelly counterpart because there is less probability to encounter that unpleasant plastic smell. On the other hand, rubber toys are much firmer than jelly, which could result in a less realistic experience. They’re porous – so no sharing with a partner without a condom on it.

Rubber toys may cause allergic reactions due to sensitivity to latex. They’ve also been known to wear out faster than their silicone or jelly counterparts. The clincher for rubber is cost effectiveness without the stink.


The general nature of this material is that it’s hard and non-flexible. The advantage, however, is that if you like the feel of a strong vibe, plastic is the way to go. Plastic is ideal for transmitting vibrations, compared to materials like jelly that absorb it. Therefore, the stimulation from a plastic vibrator is going to be more intense than that from another type of material. This explains why plastic is more popular for clit teasers and vibrators rather than for thrusting toys. It’s quite easy to clean too.

Plastic vibrators are well suited for direct clitoral as well as both internal and external stimulation. Cleaning is a breeze and requires only a wet soapy washcloth, sex toy sanitizer, or a tissue soaked in rubbing alcohol. As most plastic vibrators are not waterproof, they should not normally be washed under running water. Check out waterproof vibrators if you want one that you could use in the bath or shower.


Jelly toys are popular because of advantages like low cost, flexibility and variety. It may not feel totally real, but the squishy factor is decent and if you use a good amount of lube, you can really enjoy yourself.

Jelly toys come in a variety of wild shapes and styles; you can stock up on a bunch because it’s affordable.

The other side of the story is that jelly toys can impart varying levels of fairly offensive smells and they are sticky to the touch. They are porous so you shouldn’t share them with your partner (without a condom, or unless you are both tested for STDs) and you may just want to stick with rinsing them under warm soapy water. They may also irritate a sensitive vagina.

Jelly will degrade if exposed to a non-water based lubricant or rubbing alcohol, so always use a water based (NOT oil) lubricant. Jelly toys will take on mold and bacteria if they’re exposed to too much moisture in the air so take great care in how you store them.


Nu-Skin is a sexy new material that is proliferating in the sex toy market because of the realism it adds to your toys. It’s known by a couple of different names like Cyberskin or Ultra Skin, and is the closest you can get to the look and feel of real skin. It feels soft when you caress it, it’s not sticky like jelly and the visual detailing that can be achieved is impressive. The cost, however, does reflect the benefits.

The other major consideration for nu-skin is the care. It is porous, so you have to be careful cleaning it; you should follow the same washing instructions suggested for Jelly. You also need to be careful as it is delicate and known to attract lint and dust. It may also require some additional care and caution when storing; keep it stored in a lint free sock or a satin satchel.

Glass, Acrylic & Metal

Glass and Acrylic toys are durable and ultra modern. These types of materials allow for easy cleaning and are non-porous which is, again, great for hygienic purposes.

Glass Dildos can be visually pleasing, but make sure to get a product made of durable glass. The material can be lightweight but is best suited for those looking for a firm toy. Lots of lube will definitely add to a slick and sensual experience. The surface is smooth and is something that you’ll actually want people to find on your bed stand.

Acrylic is a form of special plastic; it can be very beautiful as it has visual properties similar to glass.

Metal dildos are similar to plastic ones, in that they have a hard, usually smooth exterior and are easy to clean.

Where to buy?

To shop for sex toys we recommend that you <!– document.write('’); //–> click here .

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Carissa Putri Picture

Carissa Putri Picture

Carissa Putri Picture
Carissa Putri Picture
Carissa Putri Picture
Carissa Putri Picture
Carissa Putri Picture
Carissa Putri Picture

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